Thursday, October 27, 2011

Resale Shops

Purchasing clothing and other items from resale shops is a great way to save money.  Resale shops are a great place to score cheap items such as household items and clothing.  However, another way to stretch your money at a resale shop is to sell items to the shop for instore credit.  There are many clothing resale shops that specialize in clothing that will purchase gently used clothing and give the seller an in store credit.  The credit can then be used to purchase already discounted clothing.  I personally utilize this practice with my children's clothes.  When my kids outgrow their clothing I seperate it into season bins.  I then take the clothing to the resale shop during the appropriate season and exchange the clothing for in store credit.  Make sure to call the shop ahead of time and confirm the season they are buying for.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

How to get cell phones cheap
How many times have you wanted to have the latest cell phone on the market, but did not purchase the phone because it was too expensive?  Or maybe you were not due for an upgrade yet.  Here are some tips that will help you get a great cell phone at a great price.

First of all, shop around for the phone you are interested in purchasing.  Look online at not just the carriers’ site, but try Radio Shack, Best Buy and even Wal-Mart.  Watch the prices of the phone you are interested in and a couple of comparable models as well.  Sometimes a certain color of the phone will be marked down.  I have even seen AT&T mark a phone down on line to 1 cent but only for a few days.  That is why it is important to watch the websites daily.  Just keep one thing in mind when shopping on line, you might buy your cell from, but that does not mean Radio Shack sold you the phone.  You are dealing with 3rd party companies so check about return or repair policies before you purchase.

Take advantage of key sales times.  Back to school, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and just before Christmas are great times to take advantage of special pricing.  Keep in mind that most carriers will start clearing their inventory out in October to gear up for the new phones coming out in time for Christmas.  If a model is being upgraded, chances are you can buy the older version for a fraction of the original cost. 

If you are not eligible for an upgrade, but want a new phone without paying full price try calling the customer relations department.  I know that AT&T will let you upgrade with a $70 dollar fee.  This option is still cheaper than buying the phone at retail price.  For more money saving tips see my other articles.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Make Money Reselling Furniture

I recently stumbled on a way to make some fast money doing something I enjoy from the comfort of my own homw.  I discovered that I can sell furniture that I have refinished (strip and stained) for more money than I paid for the piece.  The key here is to buy cheap!  I scour gargage sales looking for those rare finds.  That piece of furniture that is solid wood and in good condition.  I don't care how ugly the piece is as long as it is real wood and not pressed board.  Since I don't know how to repair wood I look for items in good condition that just need stripped and restained.  I found how to videos on line showing me how to strip and stain wood.  I bought a quality stain in a neutral color (not too dark and not too light) which I use on all the pieces.  This will also allow you to sell pieces together as a set.  You could restain a chest and headboard the same color and create a bedroom set that you can sell.
I have been lucky enough to find a chest for $10 bucks and a set of three end tables for $10 bucks as well.  I was able to strip, sand and stain the pieces and turn around and sell them for twice as much as I invested.  The pieces looked great and everyone benefited.  I was able to make money from home and someone else got a nice piece of furniture cheap.

Content Articles- Make money from home writing

Content articles are a great way to earn extra cash while working from the comfort of your own home.  Working from home is a dream that few people are able to realize, but with the latest technology the door is open to more and more people.  Writing content articles is a great way to earn cash without having to even take off your pajamas.
Content articles are short blurbs on a specialized topic.  Professional bloggers will generally sub out some of their blog posts creating an opportunity for a writer to submit articles to them for payment.  There will be set guidelines to follow such as topic, key word usage and writing style.  Small business owners will also hire content writers to create unique articles about their services.  A quick search on the internet will lead you to the right sources to get started making money from home.
If you are interested in content writing as a work from home career or just to supplement your income, check out my other articles.